Hello world! Indeed.


I use this blog as a library of technical tasks that I couldn’t find after searching t’interweb! Hopefully, someone else may find these points useful, much in the same way as I have found so much work of others so useful over the years.

J Padda


About jpadda

Technical Consultant currently working as part of the .Net team for EMC Consulting.
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3 Responses to Hello world! Indeed.

  1. Sarah Landise says:

    I am very interested in your directions to do an in-place upgrade of SQL Enterprise Evaluation to SQL Standard. I need to do precisely this, and I have been getting all sorts of conflicting information from Microsoft. It is my understanding that I have to do this with a retail version of SQL, which is fine. However, after telling me several times that I could do this in-place upgrade without reinstalling, they have now informed me that I can only do it if my SQL Enterprise Evaluation version is R2. It is not, even though I downloaded it from their site just in January. It appears to me from your directions that you were successful in doing this with a non-R2 version of the Evaluation and I am very anxious to know if this is correct. If not, Microsoft’s bad information has cost me a lot of time and money…. Thanks!

    • jpadda says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Mine was indeed SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Evaluation (not R2). Please note, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 are very different releases. As such, perhaps you’re attempting an in-place upgrade from SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Evaluation, to SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard?? In which case, I’m not sure if the upgrade will work. My upgrade was from SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Eval to SQL Server 2008 Standard.


  2. Sarah Landise says:

    It’s just been a terrible run-around with Microsoft on this. I’d never used the Evaluation version before, and I triple verified with Microsoft before I installed it that I would be able to do an in-place upgrade to the “real” SQL Server Standard. They confirmed it several times. Then I went to buy the “real” one and had not been told it could not be the volume license version. That led to another round of phone calls in which it was confirmed that I couldn’t use the volume licensing version but that it would work with the retail version. As I was going to buy that, it occurred to me that I needed to be sure whether to buy the R2 or non R2 retail version. That led to this latest round of phone calls, during which I was first told that I could do whichever, as long as the evaluation version and the full version matched (like you said). Then I called back in questioning my evaluation version, which I thought should have been R2 but wasn’t (and I wanted to verify). THEN they told me that if it was not R2 I couldn’t do the in-place upgrade at all… That contradicted everything I’ve been told up to this point, so I was very happy to find your blog. I have not bought the retail copy yet, but I will buy the non-R2 version. Thank you! And don’t ever count on Microsoft for a straight answer!

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